Guidelines for advertising

Listed below are the guidelines for submitting an advertisement or event.


The OPC Alumni Website is a rich resource that connects our alumni to each other and to the OPC community of learners. By utilizing the alumni website, you are explicitly agreeing to the following terms:

Although OPC hosts the website, alumni members are largely responsible for the content. It is intended to enable members to engage each other through the sharing of blogs, continuing education webinars hosted by OPC, and other relevant events related to their psychotherapy practice. It is also intended to link the alumni with the OPC Program for mutually beneficial programs and projects, for instance, the referral directory which both supplies our alumni with a steady flow of clients but also provides a vibrant referral for our training therapists. The OPC Program also hopes to involve the alumni in mentorship opportunities for our current students in the OPC Program.

We are pleased to provide a space for OPC Alumni to inform their fellow alumni of upcoming opportunities.

Advertising Rates:
1. Office Space – Free Alumni may advertise available office space on the OPC Alumni site for FREE

2. If alumni know of others who are interested in advertising office space to our alumni, we are happy to post their ad for a nominal fee. Please have them contact Amy McGrath at

3. Events, workshops retreats or similar – If an Alumni is holding an event, workshop or retreat or something similar they may advertise to the OPC Alumni for a small fee. Please contact Amy McGrath for more information.

Guidelines for Advertising:
1. The website will be updated at the beginning of each month. To advertise submissions must be received by the 15th of the previous month.

2. Advertisements may be submitted through completing the form below (check location. I am guessing)

3. Advertisements are limited to Psychotherapy and the Healing Arts Genre

4. All advertisements are subject to approval. OPC reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time.

5. Advertised Events must be conducted by a Registered Psychotherapist who is in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists Ontario (CRPO)
6. All advertising is published upon the understanding that the Advertiser assumes full and complete responsibility and liability for all advertising submitted or published.

Please note that no advertisement of events etc. are endorsed by OPC or the OPC Alumni Association.

Guidelines for submitting event:

Please be sure to include the following:

a. Your full name and credential & registration number

b. The title of your event

c. Date and time

d. Cost – if any

e. Small description of the event you wish to host

f. It would be helpful to understand how you are connected to the event, i.e. why you think it’s important for the members to know about and/or how you are involved. Our goal here is to avoid simply forwarding emails, advertisements, or announcements without context.

g. Please ensure your event is relevant to psychotherapists in private practice